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this blog will no longer be updated BUT will be left up for reference until further notice.

Hey, so i heard that you're stopping the blog, I have this other blog called if you would feel confident in hopefully sharing this blog with people to help sexual awareness. yay for sexual liberation!

cool. ^^^ there u go guys.

hey guys…

soo… i’m probably not going to do this blog anymore :( 

it’s been over a year. & i love this blog so much, its my babyyyy, but i just don’t love it the way i used too. 

i also love all the followers!! so much <3 i mean… you guys got me on the tumblr directory for erotica! i will never forget that & don’t anyone think that goes unappreciated. 

it’s just.. times have changed. i have changed. 

messages will be open for a short time only for responses & goodbyes :(


Ive been in a couple of serious relationships so ive had sex plenty but i dont think ive ever had an orgasm. Im 22, and dont get me wrong i love sex but is there something wrong with me that i cant go?

i wouldn’t say anything is wrong w/ u. u just haven’t had one. just keep trying and experimenting w/ different ways u can achieve one.

@ the anon asking about who he should pay more attention to in a 3some:
A 3some is about team work. So Everyone should be getting equal amount of attention. Example: While having sex with one of them finger or give oral to the other. Just make sure no one is feeling left out.
How common is it for girls to bleed their
first time? And is it possible to do something so you don't bleed other then buy a dildo.

idk how common it is but i can tell u that not all girls bleed their first time.

Your thing about masturbation says can use a
pillow? Um how? I like to masturbate but get a bit sick of the same thing?

u just hump it or grind against it.

my boyfriend stuck his head of his penis inside w/o a condom. it was painful and dry. do u think im pregnant? does precum have semen? he already peed and everything beforehand

there’s a very low chance of getting pregnant on just precum.

So I want to know what people's preferences are. If they prefer to be all natural, brazilian, or in between the two.

it depends on who ur asking.

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